biopin Weather Protection Stain

bio pin Weather Protection Stain is a solvent-free, transparent wood stain, made of vegetable oils and resins for a lasting finish which does not fill the wood grain. Can be used on outdoor surfaces, is extremely water and weather resistant and gives surfaces a satin finish. The bio pin Weather Protection Stain gives a lasting flexibility and does not tend to brittle. It is very suitable for refurbishments. If properly applied very good UV-light protection can be achieved. The transparent bio pin Weather Protection Stain only offers limited UV-light protection. Silk gloss finish.

Area of application

bio pin Weather Protection Stain can be used for exterior application to treat wooden surfaces eg lathed walls, carports, garden furniture, windows and log cabins.

Technical Data Sheet - PDF.
Sizes: 0.75l, 2.5l

Colours (alphabetical)

  • Light Oak
  • Transparent
  • Friesian Blue
  • Kastanie
  • Pine
  • Nordic Green
  • Nordic Red
  • Nut Wood
  • Jacaranda

Technical Data

  • Constituents Binding agent: linseed oil-stand oil, caster oil, modified colophony
  • Solvent: water
  • Pigments and fillers: earth and mineral pigments
  • Additives: vegetable-based emulsifier, lead and barium-free drying agent mix and stabilizers. Methyl cellulose.
  • Colours Transparent 2241 – nut wood 2245 – Nordic green 2263 – jacaranda 2246 – pine 2242 – Friesian blue 2269 – light oak 2238 – Nordic red. 2260. The paint is milky when wet, but clear when dry.
  • Storage Keep tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Store in cool but frost-free conditions.
  • Shelf-life A minimum of 2 years if tin is kept firmly closed.
  • Can sizes 0.75 l, 2.5 l
  • Class of risks Does not apply.
  • Specific weight Approx. 0.98 g/ml (depending on colour).
  • Viscosity Approx. 30 secs. (DIN-size beaker 4 mm) at 20°C.
  • Flash point Does not apply as over 200°C
  • Coverage 70-85 ml/sq metre depending on composition of surface and absorption properties of the wood.
  • Drying time Dust-free after approx. 4-6 hrs at 20°C and average humidity. Recoatable after 1 day. Low temperatures and high humidity may increase drying time.

How to use

Suitable surfaces Softwood (pine, larch, spruce etc.) and various hard woods. Drying time may increase and colour may change in cases of dense woods such as oak, chestnut or tropical woods. Try wood stain on a sample area first.
Surface requirements The surface must be dry and free of dust and grease.
Application Evenly apply thin layer with lint free cloth or single-disc application machine in cases of large surfaces. Only use if temperature is above 10°C.
Thinner The bio pin Weather Protection Stain comes ready for use. If necessary dilute with water.
Preparation For tropical wood or oak try wood stain on hidden area first. Cut or burn out resin ducts. For ecological and health reasons bio pin Weather Protection Stain does not contain any biocides. For construction wood (eg timber frame) reliable protection against wood-destroying fungus and insects and limited protection against blue-stain can be achieved with bio pin Boric Salt. For unlimited protection against fungus and blue stain please apply conventional blue-stain protection primer.


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