biopin Terrace Oil

bio pin Terrace Oil is a coloured oil made of high-quality vegetable oils and resins. It can be applied to exterior surfaces made of hard and soft woods. Surfaces treated with bio pin Terrace Oil are resistant against humidity as well as easy drying and cracking. biopin Terrace Oil contains mineral UV protection pigments preventing the wood from early ageing and restore it to its original beauty.

Area of application

To be used as a primer and wood care treatment for wooden terrace floor boards, tiles, paths etc. It is suitable for nearly all exterior woods such as Bangkirai, Massaranduba, Robinia, Larch, Douglasia and pressure treated coniferous wood.

Technical Data

  • Binding agent: Cooked mix of caster oil, linseed oil-stand oil, wood oil, modified colophony
  • Solvent: citrus oil
  • Pigments: mineral pigments
  • Additives: silicic acid, lead-free drying agent.
  • Colour: 4012 bangkirai, 4011 larch
  • Storage: Keep tightly sealed and out of the reach of children. Store in cool but frost-free conditions.
  • Shelf-life A minimum of 3 year if tin is kept firmly sealed.
  • Can sizes: 2.5 ltr.
  • Class of risks VbF A II (flammable).
  • Specific weight Approx. 0,91 g/ml
  • Viscosity Approx. 12 secs. (DIN-size beaker 4 mm) at 20°C
  • Flash point Approx. 46°C
  • Coverage 65-125 ml/sq metre per coat depending on the composition of the surface and the absorption properties.
  • Drying time Dry after approx. 3-5 hrs at 20°C and average humidity. Leave materials with good absorption properties to dry for 1-2 days.

How to use

Suitable surfaces Untreated, pressure treated and oiled hard and soft woods for exterior applications. See also: Areas of Application. In the case of untreated tropical woods, test tolerance on small area and/or ask supplier.
Surface requirements The surface must be dry and free of dust and grease.
Application Apply with paint brush, block brush, floor brush, etc. Avoid direct sunlight. Only use if temperature is above 8° C.
Thinner The oil comes ready for use. If necessary use bio pin Thinner.
Preparation Apply thin and even layer of Terrace Oil in the direction of wood grain. Remove excess oil after approx. 15 min. or distribute on treated area with coating tool. Avoid formation of ’puddles’ or layers of oil on wooden surfaces. Repeat these processing steps 1-3 times depending on absorbency of surface. Leave wood to dry for several hours before applying next coat.
Restoration Clean old surfaces thoroughly with brush and water or high pressure cleaner. Leave wood to dry well. Strip extremely grey wood or pre-treat with biopin Teakwood Brightener and sand lightly if necessary if surface feels rough. Then apply 1-3 layers of Terrace Oil as described under New Coat.
How to use Only apply thin layers of Terrace Oil to avoid highly glossy and slippery patches. Risk of skidding in wet conditions. Wood care treatment should be repeated at least once a year depending on degree of weathering.
Safety advice Keep tightly sealed and out of the reach of children. This product contains essential citrus oil. It is flammable and can irritate the skin when being processed and lead to sensitization in case of skin contact. Keep workplace well ventilated.
This product contains drying vegetable oils. In certain circumstances oils may self-ignite while drying. Cloths used during application of bio pin Terrace Oil must not be crumpled but must be spread out and dried in fresh air or soaked in water before disposal. If product is used as intended and described above, there is no danger of self-ignition.
Disposal of product Do not empty product remnants or solvents into drains or on soil. Completely dried product remnants can be disposed of in the normal way. Liquid remnants need to be disposed of at a collecting point for difficult types of waste


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