biopin Teak Oil Spray

Special moisture regulating oil made of vegetable-based raw materials. A simple solution to refurbish both untreated and oiled garden furniture made of hard or soft wood. Renews waterrepellent properties of wooden garden furniture and brings back an unobtrusive shine and colour depth. Considerably reduces expansion and contraction of wood. bio pin Teakoil Spray does not contain germ-repellent components. Garden furniture made from soft wood or beech should therefore not be exposed to lasting moisture penetration..

Area of application

To keep oiled garden furniture made from hard or soft wood in good condition.

Technical Data

  • Constituents Binding agent: A cooked mix of linseed oil, woodoil and modified colophony
  • Solvent: Essential citrus oil
  • Additives: Lead and barium-free drying agents
  • Propellant: Dimethylether
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Storage: Keep tightly sealed and out of the reach of children. Store in cool but frost-free conditions. Container is under pressure. Keep out of direct sun-light and temperatures above 50°C.
  • Shelf-life A minimum of 2 years if tin is kept firmly sealed.
  • Can sizes: 400 ml
  • Class of risks: Highly flammable

How to use

Suitable surfaces Untreated or oiled garden furniture made from hard or soft wood.
Surface requirements Surface must be dry, and free of dust and grease.
Application Keep tin up-right and spray Teakoil at a distance of approx. 20 cm onto wooden surface.
Thinner Does not apply.
Preparation Clean resinous and tropical woods with bio pin Thinner.
Priming Pre-treat garden furniture with bio pin Garden Furniture Oil before first coating. If Teakoil Spray is to be used, apply several layers. Leave oil to dry after each application. Remove oil which has not been absorbed after approx. 15 minutes.
Renovation Depending on the amount of time the furniture is left outside and the degree of weathering repeat care (once or twice a year) is recommended. Clean furniture. If necessary sand grey areas with fine sanding paper (220 grain) or treat with bio pin Teakwood Anti-greying Fluid. Remove grease etc. with bio pin Thinner. Evenly apply thin layer of Teak Oil Spray to all areas. Remove any excess oil after approx. 15 minutes. In cases of heavily depleted wood, second coat may be applied after drying.


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