biopin Teakwood Brightener

A reliable cleaning agent which removes signs of ageing from teak and other hard and soft woods. Contains the active substances of lemon fruits, coconut fat acid and imitation oxalic acid.

Area of application

Untreated or oiled teakwood decks, superstructures, and unsightly. Can be applied to nearly all hard and soft woods. Not aggressive to sealants.

Technical Data

  • Constituents Water, oxalic acid, coconut tenside, methyl cellulose, essential citrus oil, vegetable- based emulsifier.
  • Storage: Keep tightly sealed and out of the reach of children. Store in cool but frost-free
  • Shelf-life: A minimum of 2 years if tin is kept firmly sealed
  • Can sizes: 1 l.
  • Class of risks: Does not apply
  • Consumption 100 - 125 ml/m2 on smooth surfaces. on smooth surfaces. Consumption may increase if applied to rough, sawn or profiled surfaces.

How to use

Wood: Stir briefly before use. Apply thin coat with cloth or brush. Do not apply in direct sun-light as it may speed-up drying time of brightener. If applied at high temperatures, lightly spray wood with water and leave to soak in for 15 minutes to to one hour in cases of severe greying. Clean with brush or abrasive web and a little water. Rinse thoroughly with water to neutralize and remove dirt and leave wood to dry for 1-2 days.
After this treatment the wood may be a little rough and depleted. Slightly sand surface and protect with bio pin products such as Boat Oil.
Safety advice Keep tightly sealed and out of the reach of children. Use protective gloves when working with brightener. Avoid eye and skin contact. Wash contaminated skin with soap and water. In case of eye-contact rinse under running water. If product has been swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and provide label, this technical data sheet or the safety data sheet of this product.


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