biopin Natural Hardwax

Bio pin Natural Hard Wax is a breathable and water-repellent protective finish for interior surfaces with heavy wear. It produces a dirt-repellent finish with a silky gloss. When dry it is suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Area of application

bio pin Hard Wax is suitable as primer and finishing coat of untreated work surfaces in kitchens, wooden floors and other interior woods with heavy wear. It can also be used as a primer for untreated cork floors and for the treatment of unglazed clay tiles.

Technical Data Sheet - PDF.
Sizes: 0.75l, 2.5l

Technical Data

  • Constituents Binding agent: cooked mix of wood oil, modified colophony, linseed oil, castor oil.
  • Solvent: citrus oil
  • Additives: lead and barium-free drying agent
  • Colours Transparent.
  • Storage Keep well sealed and out of the reach of children. Store in cool but frost-free conditions.
  • Shelf-life A minimum of 3 years if tin is kept firmly closed
  • Can sizes 0.75 l, 2.50 l
  • Class of risks VbF A II (flammable)
  • Specific weight Approx. 0.89 g/ml.
  • Viscosity Highly Thixotropic.
  • Flash point Approx. 46°C.
  • Coverage Approx. 40 ml/sq metre
  • Drying time Dry and recoatable after approx. 3-6 hrs at 20°C and average humidity. Leave heavily impregnated surfaces to dry for 1-2 days before further treatment.

How to use

Suitable surfaces Untreated or oiled wood such as cork and unglazed clay tiles.
Surface requirements The surface must be dry and free of dust and grease; mineral surfaces must also be chemically neutral.
Application Evenly apply thin layer with lint free cloth or single-disc application machine for large surfaces. Only use if temperature is above 8°C.
Thinner The Natural Hard Wax comes ready for use. If necessary use bio pin Thinner.
Preparation Apply bio pin Hard Oil or bio pin Primer Oil (not for floors) according to instructions. Please observe the relevant technical data sheets. If necessary sand surfaces lightly with fine grade sandpaper. Only apply oil to surfaces which have already been treated with oil if necessary.
Finishing coat Evenly apply a thin layer of bio pin Hard Wax- Polish after 3-6 hrs with clean cloth, polishing machine etc.. Second coat can be applied after a couple of days if necessary. Please avoid any immediate heavy wear on surfaces.


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