biopin Hard Wax Oil

biopin Hard Wax Oil is made of vegetable-based oils, various types of wax and resin. It is the natural solution for breathable floors made of wood and cork. It provides excellent protection whilst being easy to handle. Hardened surfaces are extremely resistant against dirt, liquid substances and wear. bio pin Hard Wax Oil enhances the colour of the flooring and revives the grain of the wood.

Area of application

For both priming and finishing of untreated kitchen worktops, pre-oiled floor boards and parquet and other wooden indoor surfaces with increased wear.

Technical Data Sheet - PDF.
Sizes 0.75l, 2.5l

Technical Data

  • Constituents: Binding agent: Tung oil, linseed oil and mod. colophony. carnauba wax
  • Solvent: Essential citrus oil
  • Additives: Drying agents lead and barium-free, smectite, ethanol, water
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Storage: Keep tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Store in cool but frost-free conditions.
  • Shelf-life: A minimum of 3 years if tin is kept firmly closed.
  • Can sizes: 0.75 ltr., 2.50 ltr
  • Class of risks: VbF A II (flammable)
  • Specific weight Approx. 2 g/ml
  • Viscosity Approx. 72 seconds (DIN-beaker 3 mm) at 20°C.
  • Flashpoint Approx. 46°C
  • Consumption 35–50 ml/m2 per coat, depending on condition of surface, absorption properties of material. Consumption may increase for first coating of end grain, clay tiles and cork.
  • Drying time At 20° C and average humidity dry after 6 – 8 hours; after 12 hours ready for further treatment. Low temperatures and high humidity and little air exchange delay drying and promote the development of odours. Avoid heavy wear on surfaces initially. Only lay carpets after 14 days.

How to use

Suitable surfaces Untreated or oiled floors made of wood or cork.
Surface requirements Surface must be dry and free of dust and grease. Rough wooden surfaces must be carefully polished. Only apply to content-rich tropical woods after testing on sample.
Application: Evenly apply thin layer with paint brush, floor brush, Taski, mohair roller or squeegee. Only use if temperature is above 12 °C.
Do not tread on wet floors surfaces with dirty shoes. Use disposable slippers or cover shoes with plastic bags.
Thinner Hard Wax Oil comes ready for use. If necessary use bio pin Thinner.
Preparation Clean highly-resinous and tropical woods with bio pin Thinner. Highly penetrating surfaces such as beech or end grain should be primed one to two times with biopin Natural Hard Oil.
Apply one coat of Hard Wax Oil and leave to dry well. In case of surface being rough after treatment, smooth with very fine grain sanding paper, or preferably random orbit sander and buffing device with Schleifgitter/sanding web grain 180 or white polishing pad.
Depending on absorption of material and the desired appearance of the surface, it may be necessary to apply 2-3 coats of Hard Wax Oil in total. Dry well before applying new coat. Surface may be polished with white pad, polishing block/Bohnerblock etc.

Tip: If single-disc sanding and buffing device (random orbit sander) is used, the final coat should be worked into surface with beige or white pad, whilst surface is still wet. This way particularly good and even results are achieved.


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