biopin Boric Wood Salt Protection

bio pin Boric Salt Wood Protection is a water-soluble and odourless wood protection salt with a preventative effect against wood-destroying insects (Iv) and excellent results against fungal disease (P) according to DIN 698 800. Does not damage metal and glass surfaces. Test mark PA applied for, test results P = effective against fungi (rot protection); Iv = preventative effect against insects; S = can be brushed or sprayed or dipped onto wood used as construction material.

Area of application

As a preventative measure to protect wood from fungi and insects destroying it. To be applied on wooden materials which have been treated against leaching; mainly wood used as construction material eg for roof beams etc. bio pin Boric Salt Wood Protection can also be used for damp areas, windows and doors.

Technical Data

  • Constituents Sodium carbonate.
  • Colours Transparent
  • Storage Keep tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Store well sealed and in dry conditions. Only store boric salt solutions in non-rusting containers. Do not pour into containers used for beverages, food or animal feed. Store separately.
  • Shelf-life Nearly unlimited storage if kept dry and firmly closed.
  • Can sizes 1.0 kg
  • Class of risks None
  • Specific weight 15% solution Approx. 1.09g/cm+.


Suitable Surfaces Wood.
Surface requirements The wood must be untreated and porous.
Application Apply by means of brushing, spraying, dipping, open tank or pressure treatment. Quantities according to DIN 68 800; brushing, spraying or dipping: in cases of thickness of wood up to 4 cm 50 g/m2; if wood thickness is above 4 cm 60 g/m2; for open tank or pressure treated wood: in dangerous materials class 1 and 2 = 1 kg/m2.


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